Mackman Associates provides specialist consultancy to customers in the banking, payment and technology sectors. Long before ‘FinTech’ became the abbreviation on everyone’s lips, we were implementing technology in the banking sector, managing complex integration projects and partnering for commercial success.

What makes us different?

We believe it’s because we’re:


We’re industry veterans with at least 25-30 years’ experience apiece. Between us we’ve negotiated multi-million pound contracts, floated plcs and successfully invested our own money in start-ups. This means that our recommendations are practical, workable and based on real experience.


Our consultants deliver the service to customers one-to-one. There’s no outsourcing to junior associates or third party suppliers, no cameo appearance by the principal consultant. Your consultant works alongside you and your team, giving you the breadth and depth of their experience throughout a project.


We believe that business is as much about people as technology. We’ve worked customer and vendor-side, and have managed multi-disciplinary teams worldwide. This governs how we develop strategies and propositions as well as how we treat our customers and each other.


We’re a principled bunch. We’d love to help you increase sales, cut costs or improve efficiencies. If we can’t, we’ll tell you, even if this means we lose business. We’re clear about the scope of work and our charges to prevent surprises later.


We have subject matter experts in everything from strategy development to systems architecture, from banking to card payment. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your sales strategy, partner in a joint venture, or even attract venture capital funding, we have the knowledge and experience to help.


We work because we believe in what we do and because we enjoy it. We’re dedicated to the industry we support and its success. We care about the future of banking and payments and about delivering good service to the community.


For any queries please get in touch:

07802 496795