With so many successful projects under our belt

this is a small sample to show the variety

Our Credentials

We’ve managed a wide variety of different projects in our time whilst working in-house and as external consultants. Below are just some examples covering technical integration, regulatory oversight, profitability and human resources.


We’re industry veterans with at least 25-30 years’ experience apiece. Between us we’ve negotiated multi-million pound contracts, floated plcs and successfully invested our own money in start-ups. This means that our recommendations are practical, workable and based on real experience.


Management of a firm owned by private investment funds felt business could be better. We re-wrote the business strategy and identified new investors by working with a blue-chip investment bank. Working with the head of sales, we identified prospects/partners, and defined the IT development roadmap with the COO.



We worked for a UK bank to standardise processes for sanctions and AML so its operations were compliant globally. We delivered quick wins, such as centralising payment operations originally based in Dubai and Geneva, and designed a target operating model for sanctions processing.


The strategic plan of this US-based company was driven by US data and aspirations for the US market. We built a business case for the EMEA division to join the UK Payments Council and other industry bodies. And worked with analysts to produce a credible EMEA plan in the US format.


The services arm of a software supplier was underperforming, missing deadlines and suffering cost over-runs.  We diagnosed the problems through root cause analysis and led a remediation programme to train and assess project leaders. As a result, service projects were controlled more tightly, failures reduced and cost targets achieved more frequently.


We led a complex EMV migration project involving five platforms across in-house bank systems, a third party processor and a US credit monoline, required to move at the industry pace despite a lack of management support. It was the first UK migration completed and significantly reduced fraud levels.


People are a key asset for any business. Not having the right people in the right places can affect productivity and long-term growth. After our client acquired a software company, we helped them to retain the right talent and skills within their business in the face of budgetary and efficiency pressures.


Our client had implemented a successful bring your own device (BYOD) policy in the US. They wanted to introduce this in Europe to reduce costs, yet labour laws in Europe are different. We helped the client find a balance which satisfied company objectives and the rights of employees.


The client’s technical staff were developing systems but had little knowledge of the payments industry. We worked with a consultancy company to deliver basic training. This was enhanced in-house to become the standard enterprise-wide training programme for sales, customer management and technical staff.


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