We work with a number of other organisations. Our aim is always to improve of ability to help our customers, we share knowledge and we gain from shared knowledge.

These are a few of our friends.

Our Affiliates

The Digital Banking Club is the place to go for the latest news, opinions and information on all things digital financial services focused.
The Digital Banking Club was established in January 2013 by Intelligent Environments, in association with the Retail Banker InternationalElectronic Payments International, Cards International, Private Banker International and Motor Finance publications.
The heart of The Digital Banking Club is the portal – www.thedigitalbankingclub.com – which contains news items, blogs, research and papers, and where content is updated daily. Members of The Digital Banking Club are invited to participate in industry surveys and polls, the results of which are also shared on the site.
The Digital Banking Club is free to join but you do need to register. Members from all areas of the industry are welcome.


Vendorcom is a pan-European organisation which connects stakeholders in the payments community. Our primary aim is to promote innovation through collaboration. We do this by creating platforms for thought leadership, providing a range of opportunities for knowledge sharing and resolving issues for our members, thereby generally enabling the payments community to better understand and more effectively meet market needs.


Our Services                                

An Events Programme:

A Forum where the leading industry thinkers provide an up to date assessment of key events and developments likely to affect the future of the Financial Services Industry, and an opportunity to network over drinks and refreshments in a “Club” atmosphere to help broaden your range of contacts.

Information Services:

General Information Services which provide Daily News, access to the Club’s blog written by Chris Skinner, the Financial Services Club Chairman, and featuring Key Opinion and Comment.


More information is available at:


Faster Payments is the company that enables phone, internet and standing order payments to move quickly and securely, almost at the touch of a button, 24 hours a day.

In the first five and a half years of operation, over 3 billion Faster Payments have been sent. Virtually all internet and telephone banking payments in the UK are now processed via Faster Payments

The Information Technologists’ Company was granted livery status in 1992, becoming the 100th livery company of the City of London.

The company aims are support of: Charity, Education, the IT Industry and Fellowship. Our members support these in a wide variety of ways from donations, fund raising, pro bono work and an extensive social calendar.

Rick & Bob are Freemen of the company and of the City of London.


For any queries please get in touch:

07802 496795