The Turnaround Expert

Mr Transformer

Alan Greenwood

Alan is a Transformer.

If you’re looking to scale up a start-up, integrate an acquisition or turn an underperforming business unit around, Alan can help.


He worked on the early business case for the UK Faster Payments Scheme and on an implementation for a major UK bank. He’s delivered change projects across large financial services firms and small technology companies. And has gained invaluable insight and experience on postings in the UK, Europe, US and Middle East.

Alan is visionary yet action-orientated, strategic yet a resourceful problem-solver and network-builder. Not given to tinkering around the edges, Alan specialises in substantive, nettle-grasping change. So, if you need to implement change yet want the change agent to be someone you’d go for a beer with afterwards, Alan’s the person for the job



For any queries please get in touch:

07802 496795