The Management Expert

Mr Make-It-Happen

Bob Mackman

Bob knows what goes into making a business successful. He makes things happen.


Persuasive and empathetic, Bob is a people person who’s good at seeing different sides of the argument. He’s also courageous in asking the difficult questions — and dealing with difficult answers. That comes with the territory of someone who’s advised boards, motivated professional sales teams and worked on assignments all over the world during a 40-year career.

Bob has worked on a variety of payment projects, including credit cards, clearing and settlement and the UK Faster Payment Scheme since its inception.

If you suspect that your company is not driving out its full potential, Bob’s the person to help. Whether it’s increasing your sales or putting your strategy into action, Bob can identify needs and lack of alignment at twenty paces — and can offer wise counsel to fix it.



For any queries please get in touch:

07802 496795