The Payments Expert

Mr Wild Card

Richard Sanders

Richard is a wild card. Anyone who knows him would attest to that!


A long career working for two major UK banks, a payment scheme, third party processors and a software vendor have given him a unique perspective on payments, but ultimately failed to tame him…

Clients prize Richard for his knowledge and insight. His is no vicarious, ivory-tower knowledge though, it’s the real, sleeves-up kind that comes with experience. He set up the credit card centre of excellence at Visa Europe, was engaged as a domain expert by ACI and has worked with regulators in the UK and Europe. He has worked on the UK Faster Payments Scheme since inception and is currently engaged on its international expansion.

If you’re looking to export a successful payments product or improve the profitability of your card portfolio, Richard’s the go-to person. He can switch easily between long-term strategic thinking and the immediate, operational implications. Not one of life’s shrinking violets, Richard always has a valid perspective on payments, which he’ll tell you — sometimes unsolicited!


For any queries please get in touch:

07802 496795