We specialise in advising technology companies how to sell to financial service providers more effectively




Technology & Business

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and the application of technology within it drives us to find pragmatic, workable solutions to complex problems. We can also draw on various tried and test methodologies honed over our long, corporate careers — and the grey hair and battle scars that come with this!

Developing a business strategy is our sweet spot.  Deciding where your business need to be and how you get there are the key elements to success. We can help.

We believe that every client engagement is different, so here are just some of the ways we help technology companies.



Sales are the lifeblood of any business. When it comes to building a sustainable revenue generation model, we can help you with everything from lead generation to contract closing, sales pipeline management to forecasting. Our clients value our sales advice. They’re also our best-selling modules.


Not all opportunities are created equal. We can help you evaluate opportunities in the context of your strategy and build internal businesses cases. When opportunity knocks, our independent counsel can help you maximise the upside and minimise downside risks.



We’ve led sales and business pursuit teams. We’ve also made many pitches to boards, internal committees and investors — and suffered our share of knock-backs. We can help you avoid the mistakes we’ve made and other pitfalls during the preparation, structure and delivery of bids and pitches.


When you’re bringing a product or service to market, our experts can advise you on proposition development, competitive analysis and differentiation. We can also act as your critical friend to ensure that there’s alignment between business objectives, strategy, marketing and sales.


Behind any successful sales and marketing team is an even more successful operational team. Having the right people in the right places at the right time is critical. Ensuring they are correctly managed and motivated to deliver equally so. Our operational expertise spans HR, leadership and governance.



We can help you optimise your business, whatever its size or ambitions. We’ve managed standalone business units, floated plcs and invested in start-ups ourselves, so are well-placed to offer advice either to individuals or teams.



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